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Baltimore County Corvette Club

Baltimore County Corvette Club

Our club was founded in June 2004 with just 4 founding members (Jeff Scruggs, Rodney Steadman, Robert King and Mike Foster). We have have had alot of fun the past seven years as you can see on our photo page. We do love our Corvettes. We are one of the active Corvette Clubs in the Maryland/DC area.

Our membership consists of people of all ages, professions, and backgrounds. We enjoy participating in informal social outings as well as fellowshipping with other car clubs. We have traveled to shows all up and down the East Coast and have met many fellow Corvette owners & clubs along the way. We love to network so please e-mail us at  or contact one of our officers. We are also members of the National Council of Corvette Clubs.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Baltimore County Corvette Club is to promote interest in, and operation of the Corvette.  To that end, the Baltimore County Corvette Club shall collect and publish information and shall promote opportunities to encourage others to participate in the joys of owning and operating the Corvette. The B-TRIPLE-C shall hold regular meetings and from time to time hold social, competitive, and other types of events in order that it's mission might be fulfilled.

The B-TRIPLE-C encourages sharing our common interest, which is America's Favorite Sports Car, the Corvette! Owning a Corvette is only half the story, these cars were built to be enjoyed... Enjoying a Corvette means different things to different owners. At some point in time, everyone with a Corvette wants to put the car through its paces. Some folks look forward to participating in a road trip with fellow Corvette owners. There are those who just enjoy getting together with other people who share a common interest in our favorite sports car. Then there are the owners who begin thinking about making performance modifications and those who require technical information, customization assistance or just some help with the car and the "taming" of their 'Vette.

With the possible exception of performance modifications of Corvettes, each of these instances is an example of where joining the Baltimore County Corvette Club can prove to be rewarding.

When in search of answers, the accumulated knowledge and experience that our fellow members bring to the table gives you access to technical assistance that sometimes dealers simply are not in a position to offer you. We work together to help each other.

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Meeting Information

Meeting Information: The BTRIPLEC meets every 1st Saturday from 5p-8p at Security Square Mall.