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Chevrolet Announces 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition Ordering and Allocation Details

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The Chevrolet team is excited to announce ordering and allocation details for the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition (RPO:Z25).

To allow you to set expectations for your customers, an estimated production guide number for the 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition will be posted in the Corvette section under the “Product” tab of on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

The estimated production guide number is calculated based on each dealers’ Corvette retail sales (new and unused) over the past 12 months (September 2015 thru August 2016.) The estimated production guide number for the 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition covers production from approximately November 2016 thru March 2017.

Please keep in mind that the estimated production guide number is based on Chevrolet’s estimated production schedule, which remains subject to change. Many factors will affect actual production quantities, including but not limited to product and part constraints, government requirements, weather and transportation conditions, government regulations, and evolving marketplace conditions. Therefore, this estimate is not a volume commitment. Chevrolet reserves the right to change the Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition distribution plan, or the timing for implementation of that plan, from time to time at its sole business discretion.

Ordering and Availability

Allocation of the 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition (RPO:Z25) based on the estimated production guide numbers will start in October of 2016.

• Dealers will not consense for Z25 Collector Edition.
• If a dealer is receiving allocation of a 2017 Z25 Collector Edition in a particular month, the allocation will appear in the “Controlled Allocation” column of the Final Allocation report after the second consensus cycle of that month.
• Allocation of the Z25 Collector Edition will appear in a Z25-only DOSP the last week of the second cycle of the monthly consensus. (No Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport or Z06 orders can be submitted during the Z25-only DOSPs.)
For example, the first DOSP cycle for allocation against the 2017 estimated production guide number will occur October 6-11, 2016. If the dealer is receiving an allocation for a 2017 Grand Sport (Z25) Collector Edition in this cycle, the allocation will appear on the September Cycle 2 Final Allocation by Week Report under the Order Management Date column dated 10/06/2016 in the “VET” allocation group. Additional allocation against the guide will always be in the last DOSP of the second consensus cycle as listed below.

It is important to note that since dealers are not entering a consensus number for Z25 Collector Edition, an individual dealer’s allocation will NOT be protected during the DOSP cycle. Dealers can avoid any issues and lost allocation risk by having buildable, constraint-free 2017 Corvette Grand Sport (Z25) Collector Edition orders on hand at Event 1100 in the “preliminary tab” of Order Workbench at all times. It is recommended dealers perform a “Run Pass One” in Order Workbench to minimize the chance of losing Z25 Collector Edition allocation.

Below is a list of 2017 Z25 Collector Edition dedicated DOSP cycles through December 2016.

Vehicle Brokering and Exporting

Chevrolet wants to remind each Dealer of GM’s Transactional Integrity Letter dated February 15, 2013 (Global Connect Message G_0000159240) and GM’s Transactional Integrity and GM Export Policy Letter (Bulletin 16-08) dated June 1, 2016. It is expected that each Dealer will comply with the requirements set forth in those letters in connection with the launch of the Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition.

The purpose of the February 2013 letter was to remind dealers of certain provisions of the GM Dealer Agreement. In the Dealer Agreement each dealer makes a commitment to (1) ethically and lawfully conduct its vehicle sales transactions, (2) submit accurate claims, applications, reports and vehicle orders to GM, and (3) not to sell vehicles for resale or through brokers or resellers.

The purpose of the June 2016 letter was to remind dealers of certain provisions of the GM Dealer Agreement regarding vehicle exporting. The letter and “Suspected Exporters” list can be accessed on the home page of GM GlobalConnect.

The excitement around the 2017 Camaro ZL1 continues to grow, and your full participation in the sales, servicing and ordering of the Camaro ZL1will allow momentum to continue for years to come.

About the Grand Sport Collector Edition

The limited-production Grand Sport Collector Edition (RPO:Z25) comes in all-new Watkins Glen Gray Metallic body color with Tension Blue fender hash marks and full-length Satin Black stripe. The driver-centric interior features Tension Blue leather and suede interior appointments with Blue accent stitching. Limited production of 1,000 total / 850 for US.

RPO: Z25 available in Coupe 3LT or Convertible 3LT

• Watkins glen gray metallic with carbon flash badge package
• Tension blue fender hash marks
• Satin black full-length stripes
• Black cup-style wheels

• Unique tension blue leather and suede appointed interior trim
• Two-tone seats with blue accent stitching
• Seat and steering wheel emblems
• Interior aluminum hash marks
• Custom sill plates
• Carbon-fiber interior trim
• Floor mats with grand sport logo (dealer-installed)
• Numbered plaque

Source:  Chevrolet Press Release


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