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[UPDATED] 2020 Corvette Invoicing to Dealers Begins – Shipping to Commence Soon!

by Marcus PalmerMarcus Palmer
2020 Corvette Invoicing Begins

Chevrolet dealerships across the United States are starting to receive invoices for the 2020 Corvette orders that have been entered into GM’s systems since last year.

Once a Corvette is invoiced to a dealer, the vehicle is usually picked up by the Jack Cooper Transport company within 24 – 72 hours and the shipping process to the dealership begins.  Since Chevy dealerships are starting to receive invoices for Corvettes built, can only mean that 2020 Corvettes should start shipping to dealers across the country within the week!

The last allocation to be given to Chevrolet dealerships for 2020 Corvettes will be at the end of April.  According to our sources, within the next week or two, GM will release 2020 Corvette build cut-off dates as well as 2021 start of production dates.  This should give Chevrolet dealerships an idea of how many of their 2020 Corvette orders, if any will be pushed to the 2021 Corvette model year.

We should finally start to see 2020 Corvettes hitting the roads in a couple weeks TOMORROW!

UPDATE: According to our sources, numerous Jack Cooper Shipping trucks were spotted behind the factory all lined up!

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