Video: Here’s What Not to do With Your Corvette!

Here's What Not to do With Your Corvette!

As Corvette owners, every now and then we get the occasional itch to light up the tires and put on an impressive smoke show for anyone standing around watching. In this case, it was an epic fail for the owner.

On May 16th in Ocean Side, Maryland, Harry Huntsman of Millersville, Maryland, decided to impress the masses with his Jetstream Blue Metallic C6 Corvette ZR1 by pulling out of a parking lot and doing a few donuts in the middle of a busy stretch of the Coastal Highway.  What Huntsman failed to remember is that, in this day and age, everyone has cell phones with video capability, and everyone loves to post videos to YouTube to see how much traffic and hits they get.  In this case, one such video went viral.  Although the crowds cheered his impressive display,  the Ocean City Police Department, was not impressed.

Huntsman was charged with the following traffic offenses:

  • Driving motor vehicle in a manner intended to cause skidding
  • Driving spinning wheels
  • Driving motor vehicle in a manner intended to cause excessive noise
  • Failure to drive right of center
  • Negligent driving
  • Reckless driving

As owners of high performance sports cars like the Corvette, if you want to show off, do it in a location where nobody could get hurt.  Doing it on a busy highway near traffic is not a wise idea.

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