1953 - 1954 Corvette: Service News: Powerglide Clutch Interference

Subject:    Powerglide Clutch
Model and Year:  1953 - 1954 Corvette
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   3
Date:  October, 1957 - Volume 29- Number 10

Due to limit stack conditions, a point of interference is possible when using a service replacement clutch drum or clutch assembly in 1953-54 Powerglide transmissions.  The difficulty is caused by a ledge incorporated on the front face of a service replacement clutch drum, which can contact an embossed area on the valve body casting.

The interference  can only be occasioned when using the following parts for replacement:

3740045  Clutch Drum Assembly

3742454  Clutch Assembly

3743840  Clutch Assembly

3748702  Clutch Assembly

Where clutch drum-valve body interference is noted when installing one of the above assemblies the valve body must be reworked to obtain drum operating clearance, as shown in Figure 2.

1953 - 1954 Corvette Powerglide Clutch  

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