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1956 - 1965 Corvette: O.E.M. Supplier Catalog: Replacement Decals
Viewed 1213 times since Tue, Dec 16, 2014
Below is a copy of a catalog of decals with part numbers that were used on Corvettes ranging from 1956 - 1965.  The catalog is from O.E.M supplier - Prentice Products Corporation.   Read More
1962 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Center Letter: Racing Parts Supplied by Chevrolet for 1962 SCCA Racing Season
Viewed 936 times since Sun, Jul 6, 2014
This is a letter from Vince W. Piggins to Charles E. Brown, the S.C.C.A. Chairman in 1961 - 1962 sharing what special parts Chevrolet would like to have certified for use in 1962 S.C.C.A. events.-------------------------------------------------------... Read More
1963 - 1964 Corvette: Zone Office Letter: New Chevrolet Dealers Zone 48
Viewed 814 times since Sat, Jul 5, 2014
December 4, 1963BULLETIN S-63-114TO ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS:We wish to announce the appointment of Messrs. Roy G. Barstow and Robert H. Barstow, Sr, as Chevrolet Dealers at Potsdam, New York.  their address and dealership name is:Barstow Motors Inc... Read More
1963 - 1967 Corvette: Identification Decals with O.E.M. Part Numbers
Viewed 1301 times since Fri, Jan 30, 2015
Below is a catalog sent to Chevrolet Dealers by the Prentice Products Corporation that was an original equipment manufacturer of decals for General Motors.  The catalog outlines the size, part number and application and use information for each... Read More
1963 - 1975 Corvette: Schematics: Hardtop Wrench and Drawstring Bag
Viewed 2311 times since Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Below are Chevrolet Engineering Schematics for the hardtop wrench and drawstring bag used on 1963 - 1975 Corvettes.  Read More
1963 Corvette Z06: Chevrolet Central Office Letter: Z06 Performance Option
Viewed 2341 times since Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Included in the first Z06 performance package was option N03 - 36 gallon fuel tank which was available only on the coupe.  The cast aluminum wheel option held up the delivery of all early ordered 1963 Corvette with RPO Z06.  The new pricing... Read More
1963 Corvette Z06: Zone Letter: Price Correction
Viewed 826 times since Mon, Oct 27, 2014
Subject:   Price Correction Model and Year:   1963 Corvette with RPO Z06 Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Zone Letter - Denver No:  CD 62-30 Date:    October 16, 1962 TO:  ALL DENVER ZONE CHEVROLET DEALERS: The following... Read More
1963 Corvette: Buffalo Zone Letter: Production Information: RPO Z06 - Cast Aluminum Wheels - RPO N03 Gasoline Tank
Viewed 925 times since Mon, Jan 26, 2015
Subject:   RPO Z06 - Cast Aluminum Wheels - RPO N03 Gasoline Tank Model and Year:  1963 Corvette Source:    Friday Night Letter - Buffalo Zone Letter CD - 12-53 Date:  December 17, 1962 TO:  ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS Shown below are... Read More
1963 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Vehicle Serial Plate
Viewed 941 times since Thu, Oct 23, 2014
Subject:   Vehicle Serial Plate Model and Year:   1963 Corvette Source:   Louisville Chevrolet Zone Service Bulletin Bulletin No:  S&M 22-48-63 Zone:   #22 Louisville Date:  July 5, 1963 This is to advise that... Read More
1963 Corvette: Zone Letter: Destination Charges
Viewed 701 times since Fri, Dec 26, 2014
Subject:   Destination Charges Model and Year:    1963 Corvette Source:  Denver Zone Office - Chevrolet Motor Division - General Motors Corporation Bulletin No:   CD-62-29 Zone:   #10 Denver Zone Office , 4355 Kearnly Street,... Read More
1964 Corvette: Service Bulletin: VIN Plate Stamping of Delivery Date to Original Owner
Viewed 1327 times since Thu, Oct 23, 2014
Subject:   VIN Plate Stamping of Delivery Date to Original Owner Model and Year:   1964 Corvette Source:   Louisville Chevrolet Zone Service Bulletin Bulletin No:  22-59 Zone:   #22 Louisville Date:  May 20, 1964 ZONE BULLETIN... Read More
1965 Corvette: Zone Letter: Verification Vouchers, Protect-O-Plates and Owner Guide Books
Viewed 845 times since Wed, Dec 10, 2014
Subject:   Verification Vouchers, Protect-O-Plates and Owner Guide Books Model and Year:   1965 Chevrolet Vehicles Source:  Chevrolet Service Bulletin - Zone Letter - #25 Indianapolis No:  S&M 25-24-64 Date:    October 2,... Read More
1965 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Center Internal Notes: 1965 Corvette Option Introduction
Viewed 1162 times since Mon, Sep 8, 2014
The Chevrolet Engineering Internal Notes below show the introduction of the RPO L-78 396ci, 425hp engine and RPO N-14 side mounted exhaust system. Subject: 1965 Corvette Option Introduction Model and Year: 1965 Corvette Source: Chevrolet... Read More
1967 Chevrolet Dealer Denver Zone Listing
Viewed 1247 times since Sun, Jan 11, 2015
Below is a contest record which gives the breakdown of dealerships in the Chevrolet Zone #10, Denver, Colorado.  This zone had nine different districts and covered parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico.  The... Read More
1967 Corvette: Corvette Design Meeting - November 25, 1964
Viewed 1171 times since Tue, Sep 23, 2014
Below is a copy of rare internal meeting minutes of the Chevrolet Design Staff regarding the 1967 Corvette model year and various styling changes that were under review a few years prior. John Hinckley wrote a followup letter to Vette Vues Magazine... Read More