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2014 - 2016 Corvette: Service Bulletin: #16-NA-250: Slow Cranking, Dead Battery and/or No Start

#16-NA-250: Slow Cranking, Dead Battery and/or No Start - (Aug 8, 2016)

Subject Slow Cranking, Dead Battery and/or No Start



Model Year:














LT1, LT4



Involved Region or Country

North America and N.A. Export Regions


The customer may comment on the following conditions:

  • Slow engine cranking
  • Dead battery
  • No start


2014 - 2016 Corvette Service Bulletin - #16-NA-250: Slow Cranking, Dead Battery and/or No Start - (Aug 8, 2016)

This may be caused by excessive pressure to the engine crankshaft thrust bearing (1), by forward pressure from a mis-aligned driveline support assembly.


If the driveline support assembly has been removed from a previous vehicle repair, it is required that the propeller shaft hub clamp (Automatic Transmission) or input shaft front bearing (Manual Transmission) be realigned. Follow the procedures outlined in SI.

Failure to properly align the driveline support assembly may result in warranty claims being debited for improper workmanship.

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