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2005 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Clutch Pedal Does Not Return to Up Position During Shifts at High Engine RPMs

Service Bulletin #:  05-07-31-001A

Date: August 17, 2005

Subject:  Clutch Pedal Does Not Return to Up Position During Shifts at Hight Engine RPMs (Inspect Date Code and Replace Clutch Kit)

Model(s): 2005 Chevrolet Corvette with Tremec T56 6-Speed Manual Transmission (RPOs M10, M12, MM6, MZ6 )

Some customers may comment that while shifting at engine speeds greater then 6000 RPMs, the clutch pedal does not return to the up position. As the engine speed decreases, the clutch pedal will return to the up position.

It is possible that when the engine speed is greater than 6000 RPM and the clutch pedal is depressed, centrifugal loads on the clutch diaphragm spring may be greater than the clutch return load from the diaphragm spring. This force created by RPM would be directionally opposite to the clutch bearing force, causing a near net zero or less than zero return force. As a consequence, the clutch pedal may be stuck at the bottom of travel at the floor. Once the engine speed reduces to less than 6000 RPM, spring return load dominates and the clutch pedal returns to normal function.

Inspect the clutch date code and replace the clutch kit if built PRIOR to the following date code:

• 4M13A/B/C for Corvette

General Motors bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, not a "do-it-yourselfer". They are written to inform those technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle. Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions and know-how to do a job properly and safely. If a condition is described, do not assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition. See a General Motors dealer servicing your brand of General Motors vehicle for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information.

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