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1968 Corvette Convertible: Engineering Service Letter: Rear Courtesy Light Shorting Out

Subject:   Rear Courtesy Light Shorting Out
Model and Year:   1968 Corvette Convertible (#974) S.N.)
Source:  Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter
Bulletin No:   NA
Section:   NA
Date:    October 1968

An undetermined number of 1968 Corvette convertibles were built with the ground and battery feed wire reversed at the rear courtesy lamp socket.  The white wire is the ground circuit which is completed through the door jam switch and the orange wire is the battery feed circuit.  Reversing these two wires makes the bulb case the battery feed (hot) side of the circuit rather than the base of the bulb and accidentally touching the case to the retaining bracket (during service or through corrosion build-up) will create a short circuit that will blow the "clock-lighter-courtesy light" fuse.

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