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1957 - 1972 Corvette: Technical Article: Playing Taps - A Staying-Cool Guide to Adjusting Solid Lifters

By John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine
Used here with permission.
Copyright John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine

Many of us really enjoy the sound (and performance) of solid lifters, but some folks don’t look forward to the occasional chore of properly adjusting valve lash, especially with the “30-30” cam used in ’64-’65 L-76 (365hp) and L-84 (375hp fuelie) Corvettes (and in ’67-’69 Z/28 Camaros), which are specifically noted in the Shop Manual to be set “hot and running.” The objectives of this article are to explain why the Shop Manual says to adjust them “hot and running,” to offer a proven alternate method of setting them “cold,” and to show how variations of this concept can be applied to ANY Chevrolet smallblock, solid-lifter cam.

This 4-page PDF article is linked below:

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