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Profile: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #984:

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The window sticker below is a facsimile of what the real window sticker might look like. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the numbers and details below.

History of: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #984:

  • PVI - Primary Vehicle Identifier:  Also known as the "Job Number" - the number assigned to the vehicle while being built and prior to the VIN.
Last Update as of:   October 17, 2009: Current Status:   For Sale Update / Inquire about this Corvette ZR1
Current Owner:  DeNooyer Performance Division at DeNooyer Chevrolet Corvette Action Center Forum Member:  NA
Previous Owners:  0 Current Mileage:  390 miles
Current Location:  East Warrenton, VA, USA

Vehicle Identification Number:  Hidden Delivering Dealer / Invoicing Agent:  Country Chevrolet, 11 Lee Hwy., East Warrenton, VA
Build Date:  05/26/2009 Engine Builder:  NA
Order Number:  PVI Number: 
Charge to Dealer Number:  Ship to Dealer Number: 


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Notes / Comments:

  • 10-17-09:  Listed for sale on EBAY as a Top Gun Edition, 700hp+, Serial #004. From the listing:

    The DeNooyer Performance Division and DeNooyer Chevrolet are pleased to have up for auction our Corvette ZR1 "Topgun Edition" Serial #004.

    Lets be clear this is not your average "Stock" ZR1.

    This Corvette ZR1 comes with our Supercharger "Power Pack" Upgrade. Including a custom blueprinted upper intercooler, Billet blower pulley, American racing 1 7/8" long tube stainless steel headers with high flow cats, as well as our custom PCM Calibration. This car is WELL over 700HP.

    This is a low 10m second street car..I cannot even describe the lightening fast throttle response. THIS THING IS A WEAPON!!!

    This Topgun ZR1 started life as a 3ZR package with Navigation and ZR1 Chrome aluminum wheels. Starting MSRP from the factory before are modifications was close to $120,000.

    This particular car was recently featured in our National Television commercials for our Performance Division.

    This Topgun ZR1 will also be sold with a 3YR/36,000 mile Limited Powertrain Warranty.

    Here is a link with the ZR1 at idle.


    Here is a link that Hemmings Motor News did about the DeNooyer Performance Division..We also build 600-800HP Camaro's.


  • 06-18-09:  Listed for sale by Country Chevrolet in East Warrenton, VA.
  • Order Number:  MXGV7X

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