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Profile: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #1056:

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The window sticker below is a facsimile of what the real window sticker might look like. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the numbers and details below.

History of: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #1056:

  • PVI - Primary Vehicle Identifier:  Also known as the "Job Number" - the number assigned to the vehicle while being built and prior to the VIN.
Last Update as of:   December 10, 2009: Current Status:   For Sale Update / Inquire about this Corvette ZR1
Current Owner:  Marshall Goldman Motor Sales & Leasing Corvette Action Center Forum Member:  NA
Previous Owners:  1 Current Mileage:  107 miles
Current Location:  Warrenville Heights, OH, USA

Vehicle Identification Number:  Hidden Delivering Dealer / Invoicing Agent:  Jim Glover Chevrolet, 8130 East Skelly Dr., Tulsa, OK
Build Date:  NA Engine Builder:  NA
Order Number:  PVI Number: 
Charge to Dealer Number:  Ship to Dealer Number: 

Notes / Comments:

  • 12-10-09:  For Sale for $109,900 by Marshall Goldman Sales and Leasing in Warrenville, OH with 107 miles on the odometer.
  • 11-17-09:  For sale on EBAY by private owner in Sand Springs, OK with 50 miles on the odometer. From the EBAY ad:  "If you are looking at this auction, you already know how awesome this car is! I love the car, I just bought the car on a whim. It looks so good on the showroom, and I could not resist her! But on a serious note, I have other interests and business opportunities that have come up and would like to sell and consolidate expenses. I dont have or need to sell this car, so don't look to steal her, it just wont happen. I would like to see the car go to a good home, I had every intention on keeping her stored and only drive her once or twice a month, and only on good, no chance of rain days. The car is perfect in every way, no accidents, scratches, or issues. Straight up sale, so I would like to have a straight up sale."
  • 05-29-09:  Originally listed for sale by Jim Glover Chevrolet in Tulsa, OK.

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