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1953 Corvette - Serial #211 History Profile

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1953 Corvette - Serial #211 History Profile

Last Update as of 2014-06-19:
Vehicle Identification Number: E53F001211
Engine Stamping: NA
Casting Date: NA
Casting Number: NA
Current Owner: ProTeam Corvette Sales
Current Location: Napolean, OH, USA
Current Mileage: 0 miles
Current Status: For Sale
  • 06-19-2014:  Listed for sale by ProTeach Corvette Sales of Napolean, OH. From the ProTeam Corvette Sales web site:  "This Daytona Beach NASCAR 1953 Corvette Convertible, VIN #E53F001211, Chevrolet Engineering #3950, Race #27 is one of two, a 1953 and a 1955, that were reclaimed from the depths of Chevrolet Engineering to be equipped with dual four high output 1956 engines, 3 speed close ratio transmissions, heavy duty stock car racing rear end assemblies (3.27 gear ratio), plastic tonneau covers, small racing windshields and relocated gages per Mauri Rose. Work was done by Chevrolet Experimental Shop and Garage, subject title: “Rebuilding of NASCAR Corvettes for Stock Car Racing.” Delivered to NASCAR/Daytona Beach in time for the February 12th-26th, 1956 7th Annual NASCAR Sanctioned Performance Trials and The Flying Mile competition and promotional photos with Bill France in the dark (black) helmet driving our car, number 211. Also, may have worn race #62 at NASCAR tracks in the Carolinas (Raleigh) on August 20th, 1955. After Daytona Speed Week, the pair of cars received roll bars and were raced at NASCAR's Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, NC with drivers Pee Wee Jones and Billy and Bobby Myers and were maintained by Hubert Westmoreland for NASCAR sports car races. This Dual Branding NASCAR/Chevrolet Engineering effort involved Briggs Cunningham, John Fitch, Z.A. Duntov, Ed Cole, and over 125 engineers and several 1953 to 1955 Corvettes that culminated with a win at Sebring in 1956 with John Fitch driving a 1955 Chevrolet Engineering Corvette VIN #1194 of which spared the Corvette from extinction. Documented with the Chevrolet Engineering department build orders and vintage photos from Chevrolet and the NASCAR archives! Polo White paint with Sportsman Red interior and Blue racing stripes. This is the earliest known Corvette to run NASCAR's sanctioned events... and maybe the earliest Corvette (VIN) to ever race thus "A Pioneer of Speed". Credit must be given to Loren Lundberg for without his help the true identity of VIN #211 could have been lost forever and Gray Tuttle of Clinton, NC who bought #211 from NASCAR/Jack Hawkins in 1958 and was extremely helpful in identifying the "bones". An historically important car that we body-off restored in 2013/2014 as built by Chevrolet Engineering for NASCAR sportscar activities. Others who participated in #211's history are: John Hutchins, Noland Adams, Dave Bartush, David Burroughs, Tim Jones, Chocolate Myers, Chevrolet archives, and the Daytona Beach NASCAR archives. Show Awards and Invitationals: Invited to be part of the "Competition Corvette" display at the Corvette Nationals show on November 17th and 18th, 2012. Invited to the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance that took place on March 9th, 2014. First Place Class award and the Bill Rudd Honorary Trophy at the 36th Annual Ault Park Concours d'Elegance in June 2014. Invited to the 36th Annual Concours d'Elegance of America in late July 2014.".

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