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1953 Corvette - Serial #256 History Profile

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1953 Corvette - Serial #256 History Profile

Last Update as of 2001-05-01:
Vehicle Identification Number: E53F001256
Engine Stamping: NA
Casting Date: NA
Casting Number: NA
Current Owner: ProTeam Corvette
Current Location: Napoleon, OH, USA
Current Mileage: 0 miles
Current Status: For Sale
Notes: From sale advertisement:  "#256 of only 300 produced, Blue Flame Six, powerglide, numbers matching 4 owner car with 49,742 actual miles. Polo White paint with Red interior. Unique museum ready display featuring body suspended 2 half to 3 feet above chassis and drivetrain, whereas body rotates from left to right. 3 year body off restoration (recondition) to exact manufacturers standards... including all factory imperfections such as runs, over spray, and rough fiberglass. Per past owner of 32 years, this car is 97% original. Bloomington Special Collection in 1993. Optioned with powerglide, Wonderbar radio, e-brake warning light, windshield washers, courtesy lights, heater, hubcaps, and 6.70x15 inch wide white tires. Most all factory correct components including the spare, jack, jack tools, washer system, trunk mat, interior, chrome, stainless, spiral shocks, shifter, shielding, air cleaners, generator, starter, side windows, side window bag, #066 head and drivetrain. Documented with over 400 photos of complete restoration, 3 hour video of restoration, index cards describing restoration of components, Special Collection booklet and certificate, 1960 dated canceled title, owners manual, oil change stickers, part number rubbings, and hundreds of restoration notes. Just purchased from past owner of 32 years who stored this prize in a missile silo, where he lived. This is a show quality display that belongs in a museum or very special collection and can be made drivable and show ready in one week. CC:1 $110,000.00"

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