Meet the Corvette man and his $120K 'Blue Devil'

Steve Prescott of Las Cruses, NM traveled 22 hours in a motorhome to Storm Lake to pick up his latest pride and joy - a blue 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Supercharged which has been nicknamed the "Blue Devil."

By JENNIFER NELSON / Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune Staff
July 09, 2009

Finally, Prescott says. He wanted to buy one of the ZR1s as soon as he heard rumors about it but says it took awhile before it finally rolled out on the market and then once it did, the cars have been hard to come by. "I've been trying for almost nine months to get this one for him," says Salesman Tyson Rice of Fitzpatricks. Fitzpatrick Auto salesmen say that although there are a lot of corvettes sold throughout the U.S. the ZR1 is a "niche car." Mark Robb with Fitzpatricks says currently they've only made about 1,200. Rice says they bought this car from a dealer in Wisconsin. "Tyson phoned me and said get up here, I didn't do much packing, just took off," says Prescott. He says he's bought other cars from Fitzpatricks and knew they were the ones he wanted to buy his latest vette from.

With the newest addition he now is the proud owner of four blue corvettes, each a little bit different shade of blue. "The only corvette is blue," he says. He currently owns 1969, 1993, 2006 corvettes. The corvette has been featured in the dealership's 50th anniversary celebration in addition to a silver 1999 Chevy Corvette ZO6.

The 2009 ZR1 is a 638 horsepower car making it the fastest production car ever, says Robb. Sticker price for the car is about $120,000.

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