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    Default Transmission Help Guys

    Hello all you C5 guys. I loaf over on the low rent forum (C4) but I've got a question. A friend of mine has a 2000 Vette with the manual tranny and another friend has a auto repair business. The 2000 Vette has transmission problems and the owner wants to change it out. He has about 7 or 8 feet of stuff that's supposed to go under the car.

    He has the transmission, torque tube and a box of parts. My garage buddy will do the job and I'll help. I build engines and transmissions, setup differentials and basically I have some pretty strong mechanical troubleshooting and repair abilities.

    The garage guy wants to know about how long it will take to change out the transmission. We don't have a FSM and for this one job would rather not purchase one. (Although we will if necessary)The owner of the Vette doesn't have enough mechanical or electrical skilz to warrant him getting one. Wiper blade change would be a major job to him.

    How long should it take to change out the transmission and do we just change the tranny or the whole assembly. We'll probably put in a clutch, pressure plate and bearing while we're in there.

    I have changed the clutch on a similar 1980 Porsche 928 and had no problems. What do you all think this should take time wise. Thanks guys but I'm lost here. This is one of those Kentucky buddy, buddy jobs. The man with the Vette owns a body shop, I need about 1500 bucks worth of body work done to my 1989 Silverado and the garage guy owes me. He doesn't build engines and I do.

    He replaced an engine in a 2003 Ford Lightning and I rebuilt it and we sold it complete for $4500.00. Those Ford guys are nuts.

    Everyone will be busy but we're just trying to limit the amount of cash that changes hands. Thanks for any help and Merry Christmas.

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    I can't help you too much, as 1) My 01 is automatic and 2) I haven't changed it I am no help at all actually.

    I would like to think that one of our resident mechanics might check into this thread and give you some idea.
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    Taking it out and putting everything back in will take the better part of a day. I'm not sure how much help an FSM would be, since you hardly ever see stock C5s anymore. The exhaust rear of the x-over will have to come out. The torque tube and rear end come out as one unit, after undoing the sway bar mounts and shocks. If you're using a 2-post lift, you'll need a jackable dolly to lower the rear end. If you have a 4-post lift, you have additional options. While you've got everything out is a good time to check the tube bushings. If the stock rubber couplers are cracked or starting to shred, there are aftermarket polyurethane units that are better. Just don't replace both with poly though, because you need some rubber to absorb drivetrain shock. The transmission comes out last, and should be straightforward. GL!
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    Thanks, that's just what I was after. I'll have both a 2 post and a 4 post available. I'll plan on a couple of days including doing some other stuff as the day goes on. Thanks again for the helpful reply and have a Merry Christmas.

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    Aug 2001
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    It can be done in a day, it'll be a long day but it can be done.

    These items should be replaced with new:

    clutch hydraulics
    flywheel and pressure plate bolts


    speed bleeder for the clutch
    headers (if not already done)
    shifter (since it has to be taken off anyway)
    tunnel plate
    O2 sensors if they're old

    The FSM will be very handy. There is a specific pattern and specification for the fastening of the flywheel and pressure plate bolts. Do it incorrectly and you're taking it apart again and will not know it until you get everything back together and start the car.

    The most difficult part for me was getting the torque tube aligned properly onto the engine again. Other than that, everything else was pretty straight forward. Ideally, all that work should get you for about 8-10 hours if things go well and you're working at an average pace. Then again, I did mine on jackstands in a garage so having a lift will probably be easier and things should go quicker.

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    Default Transmission Help GUYSI

    I think if you lift body off frame ,it would alot easier,Good luck but 8 hrs for 2 mechanics ??? Good LUCK !! whats GMJUNKIE have to say??

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