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    Default Replacing the dash lights 194 bulbs, are they all the same ??????

    Title says it all, is there any replacment 194 / 168 bulbs that are really any brighter ? I see the GE brand say they are 20% brighter, and Sylvania has their 'SilverStar' brand which they tout as much more light . . . But is there any Safe & brighter bulbs that sell for less than $50.00 a bulb ?

    Thank you !

    Hope you had a great holiday !

    Jim Ward

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    Check this company out, LED Lights, Bulbs & Accessories - SUPER BRIGHT LEDS they make leds with the 194 base on them. I've never used these particular bulbs but I have used a lot of their other products and I have always been very pleased with them. All of the interior lights on my '85 have been replaced with their led bulbs and I like them a lot, no heat and I can leave the doors open all day with no effect on the battery.

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    Default Lamps

    Replacing the Halogen lamps in an 84-89 cluster will short out the power supply over time. The solution is to use the 89 lamp, which is a xenon lamp, and costs about $4 each.

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