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    Default 5 or 6 speed conversion kit for c 3

    There is a company in Knoxville, TN who produces manual conversion kits for automatic vettes. Has anyone on this board done this conversion or considering this conversion? This kit is also applied to C 2 corvettes. 475 hp and 650 hp kits are available. Basic kits are around $3000. More extras needed when starting with an automatic car.
    Keisler Engineering in Knoxville, TN
    Let's hear from all you tech members.

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    Here are links to some previous threads about doing auto-to-stick conversions. While none specifically mention the kit you asked about, they still may give you some insight. Good Luck!

    Transmission Swap
    Automatic to Manual Change
    Auto to Manual Conversion Needs
    - Eric

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    TZracer just ordered the heavy duty FIVE from Keisler, and should be ready to install it in the near future.

    I am running the Richmond Six.

    Both are excellent. The Richmond is not rated to handle as much power as the Keisler Five speed heavy duty unit.

    This is a easy conversion for anybody that is comfortable making mods to a car. The Keisler is a more bolt in than a Richmond, as the Keisler is designed to work with your stock X member.

    You will have to install a clutch pedal, rods, etc.

    Good luck, and have fun.

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    So the conversion kit for auto to manual is around 3grand!!! Plus install even if I do half the work!

    Ok so I guess Im not doing that afterall.....booo

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    4 webers


    I just picked my tko today to start making the change over . I have an automatic and will be installing the 5 speed unit . If you are comfortable doing mods you can save a bit of cash for a little extra effort .


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    I met and spoke with these guys at Carlisle. Very knowledgeable and have an excellent product. Bringing the 5-speed back from the Daytona 500 in Feb. Will keep y'all posted.

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    I have been running a TKO from Fortes
    for over three years, the only minus to some is the shift lever position I used a piece of sheetmetal and laminate to make my own
    the TKO is great

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    Default Vet.C3 Dream-machine transformation...

    Here's the fabulous website-- --that offers the rugged and fabulous American Tremac/5-speed 100-lb state-of-art transmission which provides a 3.27-lowgear that is the key to moving 1.7-tons of inertial-anchor off the mark in terrific rapidity!! The brilliant website includes an automated-graph wherein you can plug-in your rear-axle ratio and tire-size to find your rpm-comparisons with the old 4-speed gearboxes. The Tremac/5-speed thus effectively greatly increases your wheel-thrust in low-gear, plus the whopping 32%-overdrive allows you to realize low-rpm's in 5th-gear (move stick to the right and then back); Keisler's 5-spd.Kit includes all of the special pieces (Bellhousing if converting from automatic-trans., and mechanical or hydraulic clutch-pedal apparatus), plus they even developed a clever short-throw shift-mechanism (no external-linkage) which places the shifter in the original automatic-lever's console-slot, ---thereby appearing essentially oem! Sure the $2.5k+/price-tag is substantial, but its an intrensic-value that's a permanent part of the car (probably increase the car's value $5k), and its a conversion that will make your steed move with the best of'em!! --Am also $aving up additional bucks as to change my '80-C3's 2.80-rearaxle ratio to probably 3.55:1, -because the 2.80:1 combined with the .68-overdrive becomes excessive for no great purpose, when you really can better use the gearing-advantage at low-speeds (thereby also obviating absurdly complex, cumbersome, and costly things like superchargers/turbochargers and their excessive heat problems). KISS (keep it simple stupid) is the engineering advancement behind Keisler's keen retrofit-kit for your nifty C3Vette! Its obvious i am excited about the prospect of making this pre-engineered conversion in the near future, --wonder if anyone here has already installed the Tremac/5-speed by Keisler (they also offer a 6-speed Kit, -but it does not offer the serious gearing-spread advantage of the 5-speed). Please note that while the Tremac-transmission will easily take the torque of a bigblock, it would be sacreligious to even think in terms of hindering your cars handling by also adapting a bigblock, --let the advantageous gearing and high-reving of the smallblock run circles around a cumbersome bigblock...
    ~Bob Vonheck in sandiego [-this entry has been appropriately relocated here from an earlier submission]

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