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Thread: SMC Panel I dare?

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    Default SMC Panel I dare?

    I'm researching what would be involved in repairing a damaged section of the right rear quarter panel on my '76 Stingray. The damage isn't large enough to warrant a complete panel change. It's been damaged clear through the fiberglass, but all the pieces are intact and still attached.

    For a view of the damaged panel, please click here:

    So my questions to the group are:

    1) A company called U.S. Chemical and Plastics (USC) manufactures SMC compatible body fillers, a SMC Structural Repair Compound, Resins, and Fiberglass Mat <>. Has anyone had any experience with these products?

    2) Ecklers sells a SMC compatible resin made by a company called AdTech <>. Anyone have any opinion/experience with their products for SMC?

    3) Eckers also sells a repair compound made by the Lord Corporation called Fusor <> - they call it a "repair adhesive" but instructions say to treat it like a resin -- layer it with fiberglass mat to fill holes, etc. Again, opinions, experience, suggestions?

    I have some experience doing minor fiberglass repairs on small water craft, but since this is my Corvette we're talking about, I want to be sure to use restorative products that maintain the quality of my original glass.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kurt Kaya
    Silver '76

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    Hi Kurt,
    Welcome to the Corvette Action Center!
    How much fiberglass experience do you have? Grinding, filling, shaping, etc? After looking at the damage to your car, I would say you have a fairly easy repair depending on experience.

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    Investigating the same stuff in connection with the body/paint phase of the vetterod.

    What I have gleaned is a grinding process beyond the gel coat consumate withe the damage ( more...more, less...medium) to the fiberglass with a front/back new fiberglass restore/reinforcement is appropriate. Follow with a front shaping and a replacement gelcoat with a total blend will do it.
    Let me know if you need more info

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    Default Be very careful!

    Make sure that any product you use is either an epoxy or acrylic base. Do not use any urethane products except as a backer (backside of panel reienforcement). Urethanes cannot be painted or covered with any kids of fillers (it forms big blisters). the best product I have found comes from the boat industry. It's called Marinetex. It sticks to anything, sands well, minimal shrinkage and paint sticks without problems. I have found it to work much better than reglassing. Don't worry about restoring the gelcoat, just grind out the damaged area with 80 grit paper, repair the area with the Marinetex, fill the low areas with SMC or fiberglass comptable fillers, prime heavily with a two part primer (I like PPG K36) allow to dry for at least two hours and then block sand with 320 dry. The follow up with 400 wet and 600 wet. Then just seal the area and apply the base coat and clear coat! Nothing to it!

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    Ditto on the Marine Tex. It's actually a bonding adheasive but it will "glue' anything together. It's also the world's greatest bondo!

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    Default Just what I was hoping to hear...

    Just what I was hoping to hear...that I could repair my little damage without having to reglass.

    As much as I LOVE putting on the protective gear and diving into the resin and mat (hah!), it sounds like the Marinetex is my ticket to a relatively easy, "daily driver" type repair.

    Since I'm doing some spot gelcoat repairs on a few other parts of the car (my T-tops are showing some fibers and I have pinholes in several places as well), I'll more than likely be sealing the repaired section with some Eckler's gelcoat as well.

    I'll be sure to post some before / during / after pics of the repair job.

    Thanks one and all!

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